Days Bay Historical Photos

Days Bay, 100 years ago.days bay about 1940Days Bay 1913Days Bay 1903Days Bay 1920sDays Bay 1930sDays Bay about 1900Days Bay about 1905Days Bay about 1910Days Bay about 1930Days bay about 1956Days Bay North 1913days bay north 1913Days Bay Donkey Rides, 100 years agoLion Rock 1950:2008Manaia Bay 1943:2008, complete erosionWindy Point 1943:2008Muritai South 1920s:2008 Aggregation from pulse of shingle passingLion Rock Beach 1950s:2008Days Bay 1920s:2008Rona Bay, 1910:2008 from Windy PointThe Original PavilionVal Carson with War Vets, 1939 - outside the PavilionVal Carson with War brides, 1939

These photos are mostly courtesy of the Turnbull library collection, used to compare now to then to find out about the encroaching gravel on the beaches.  Some comparisons are shown with photos from now

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