On redeveloping the site much thought was given to tree planting on the slope behind the Homestay. This is routinely carried out each spring to green the rocky slope behind the Homestay; retain soil moisture and soil density.

Eco lighting features throughout the interior and exterior of the house, with the use of LED and low wattage fluorescent bulbs.

John and Annette along with our neighbours are regularly involved  in  replanting the dunes at Rona Bay to prevent  beach front erosion, and the degradation of our shoreline.

Water and Power Conservation:

  • Double glazed windows using laminated glass 
  • Fully insulated home including the roof, walls, and floor
  • Gas and electricity usage is monitored
  • Heated towel rails switched off between guests
  • Motion sensor lighting used on the stairway
  • Low energy lighting throughout the Homestay
  • Low water consumption showers, toilets, and washing machine
  • Cold water laundry

Waste Management:

  • Recycle cardboard, glass, paper, plastics and tins
  • Separate food waste and compost it in our worm farm
  • Use biodegradable cleaners

Local Produce - Local Consumption:

  • Buy New Zealand made products, and services from local trades people
  • Donate unused items to charity

Water temperature:

These measurements are taken by the local council at Windy Point, just 50 meters south of Days Bay Homestay.  Our water temperature varies  lot from the surface to a depth of just 1m where it is often a lot colder.  Usually the water is very clear and there is plenty to see.

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